Wednesday, December 15, 2010

After the Jug Was Broken by Leah Shelleda: Press Release

After the Jug Was BrokenDecember 15, 2010

il piccolo editions is pleased to present 

After the Jug Was Broken
Poems by Leah Shelleda
ISBN 9781926715469, 80pp, Paperback
The poetry of Leah Shelleda inhabits a realm of magic and marvels. The poet is a shape-shifter. Meet the Lamia, those "Madonna-faced/serpent below the waist" creatures, whose songs Shelleda sings. Meet Kitsune, the Spirit Fox, who is nine hundred ninety nine years old—about to grow nine tails. Meet Asherah, the Hebrew Goddess, her graven image shaped in bread—about to be eaten.

Shelleda's poems play at the edge of the wild and the forbidden; they dive down to the depths, bringing up treasure from the collective unconscious and the wisdom traditions; they enchant, seduce and bless; they transport us in the four directions and into the three worlds; they touch all the chakras. Leah Shelleda gathers the shards of our broken world and gives us sacred space. —Naomi Ruth Lowinsky, author of The Sister From Below: When the Muse Gets Her Way 
* * * * *
Leah Shelleda, "gatherer of shards", sings the world and psyche into wholeness. Whether she is speaking in the voice of a character in myth, or speaking in her own heartfelt voice of the places she has visited, she re-members for us that Myth, Place, Experience, and Spirit are One. Shelleda’s After the Jug Was Broken, an incantation of healing, begs to be read aloud. Through the fruit of suffering, and transformation through beauty, "where spirit spins cosmic webs", the reader is forever changed. – Patricia Damery, author of Farming Soul

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Leah Shelleda is Professor Emeritus of Humanities and Philosophy at the College of Marin. Her poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, and her chapbook, A Flash of Angel, won the Blue Light Press prize. She is a weaver of wall hangings as well as words, and an ardent gardener.

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